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Meet the Team

Changing the industry one groomer at a time!


Dean Meyer

Master Stylist/Mentor

Meet Dean! Dean is a master stylist with over 30 years of grooming & pet behavior experience. She began grooming around the age of 8, interning under her mother. 

Behavioral needs and specialty cuts are Dean's forte (as well as Terrier breeds!). She specializes in dogs that would be considered fear-aggressive or severely anxious, as well as clients that request unique show or breed cuts. She is also the grooming mentor to the Wags to Riches team.

Dean helped to start this company because she wanted to show the value of each individual employee and how their uniqueness only adds. 

Being a busybody outside of grooming, Dean can be found restoring vintage furniture or just tinkering and fixing anything she can get her hands on. She loves spending time with her family and six animals! She's a natural-born hard-worker who loves her job and takes pride in everything she does.


Holly Thompson


Meet Holly! Holly was the second groomer to join the Wags to Riches team. Hollys interest for grooming came from her almost 10 years in the pet industry prior to joining the team and training with Dean. 

She admits grooming can be stressful at times - that's why she uses hobbies such as reading or attending craft fairs to destress and unwind. Holly is not free from animal care off the clock! She puts hard work into her animals at home, which include 2 horses, 2 goats, 2 cats, 3 dogs, a turtle, and a bird!

Even though grooming is stressful, Holly can't get enough of it! She loves the flexibility and knowing she works for a company that truly cares about each and every animal that comes into the van. Holly has a passion for large fluffy dogs, she LOVES doodles.




Hawke Lopez


Meet Hawke! Hawke has been with Wags to Riches since August 2021, but have been training with Dean since they worked together prior to the company's fruition.

When they're not grooming, Hawke enjoys relaxing at home, either reading a book or watching a good show. They can also be found taking care of their two dogs: a shih tzu named Fenrir and a labradoodle named Ragnarök. But they don't just love dogs, they love all types of animals- just ask their pet chinchillas or cat!

Two big reasons for Hawke's enjoyment with the company: 1) Hawke loves dogs and 2) Hawke loves a company that listens to its employees and takes their opinions, ideas, wants, and needs into consideration. They specialize in grooming yorkies, poodles, and aussies, but also enjoy doing an array of breeds!

Regina Hight


Meet Regina! Regina has been part of our team since April of 2022. Working her way up from being a bather, Regina has been a groomer for 8 years. She loves Wags to Riches thanks to our strong sense of family and teamwork, as she doesn't feel the pressure to compete with anyone. 

Regina named the van she drives "Queen Bee" after herself and the way she's always keeping herself "busy as a bee"! While she's busiest when at work, she keeps herself occupied in her spare time too! She has four dogs and two cats and can often be found in kitchen cooking or spending quality time with her husband.

Regina loves grooming all dogs and CATS!


Caroline Behnke


Meet Caroline! Caroline is the newest member to join our team. She decided to join Wags to Riches because she loves being able to gain a dog's trust, stating "It's such a rewarding experience." Her fun and patient demeanor makes her an excellent addition.

 Caroline may be new to the grooming game, but she has tons of experience when it comes to dog handling from working in various doggie daycares. She also has two pets herself: a goldendoodle and a cat! Caroline will start out as a bather and grooming apprentice, working and learning under the tutelage of Dean, as well as the rest of our insanely talented crew!

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